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Efficient Sea App

Artery Media Design collaborate for global product launch.

Artery Media Design are delighted to have collaborated on the recent product launch of Efficient Sea App, an app for captains and crew of super yachts.

This impressive bit of kit is actually a very well conceived and executed app to manage the extensive regulatory compliance matters mandatory to the operation of any super yacht. The app has an outstanding array of reference material for a ships' captain; manuals, schedules, accounting templates, checklists and it's pure simplicity confirms it as a very well designed and trialled app.

Artery Media Design were given the creative freedom to best visualise and carry their message and were also able to offer some guidance in cost effective marketing for the app.

As this is truly a global product emphasis was given to online promotion to disseminate the word and included a website, animated banners, splash page, press release and an email brochure.

The website immediately ranked well, appearing on page one of a Google search for "super yacht compliance app" after only 2 weeks, with no Facebook or social media at all!!

For myself, who has a 35 year association with advertising all manner of products and services, this app is by far the most exciting and potentially successful product of any I've encountered.

I believe the Efficient Sea App is now well on it's way to the success it duly deserves and we are proud to have played our part in it's every promising future.

Efficient Sea App animated banner